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Rs. 1,948.00


Rs. 1,948.00
Excluding 18% GST

Stay cool in traffic and arrive fighting fresh with BluSnap, a detachable cooler that you can snap on to your helmet.

Technical Specifications


  • 6 to 15 degrees lower than ambient depending on conditions
  • 10h of battery life on a full charge
  • 2h of cooling with a full water-reservoir
  • Integrates anti-bacterial cooler-filter that eliminates germs, virus and mould
  • 3 to 6 months of cooler-filter life-time
  • Easily replaceable cooler-filter cartridge
  • Straps with anti-slip safety
  • Choose a strap that suits your personality from 5 options

Technical specifications

  • Personalized Cooling

    Creates  a microclimate around you that is 6-15 degrees lower than the ambient

  • For full face helmets

    Designed to fit your existing full-face helmet 

  • Long battery life

    10h of cooling on a full charge ensures you always stay cool

  • Snap-and-Go

    Snap it on to your helmet in under 30 secs